Senior ‘Actor’ program.

Kidz-N-Co Talent / Senior ‘Actor’ program


A challenging class focusing on preparation for high level Trinity College London examinations in Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, Acting Skills and Performance Arts. Several expert teachers facilitate this class and it requires a high level of personal motivation and the ability to work independently.

  • Time: Friday 4.15 pm – 6.00 pm
  • Price: $325 per term.  Fees are payable the first week of term.
  • Schedule: Classes run in four terms each year that align with school terms (approx 10 weeks each)
  • Performance:             
  • In October students sit their Trinity College London examination in Acting, Musical Theatre or Speech and Drama. These give students points towards their senior certificate as well as an OP equivalency for university entrance. Grade 8 TCL gives an equivalency of an OP9 and ATCL Diploma equivalency of an OP6. To be eligible to sit Trinity examinations students are expected to perform all their drama exam solo and duo pieces in the Brisbane Drama Eisteddfod held in early August. Musical Theatre students also perform their singing solos at our studio festival in September. This ensures students have the work memorised in plenty of time and receive feedback from another professional to enhance their preparation.
  • In June/July holidays we run a traditional pantomime that attracts audiences from all over Brisbane. There are 4 days of rehearsal and then 6 performances. Check dates on our calendar.   Students will have the opportunity to take part as an optional extra.
  • Insurance:  We are covered by full $20 million public liability. All our teachers have suitable qualifications and a blue card from the Commission for Children and Young People.
  • Parking: Please observe our parking requirements.


OR Enrol ONLINE during December to SAVE!

Further details of senior examinations

University Entrance and Senior Certificate

Our high grade Trinity exams DO give the students an OP equivalency that can be used as an alternative to school OP for university entrance.

This is just as valuable as a school OP that students slog for two years to get!  After all an OP is just a number that allows you to get into a certain university course. An OP will never get you a job and in fact once you have been at university for 6 months your OP becomes redundant and it is your GPA that counts. 

  • The Grade 8 Trinity College Exam gives students an “OP equivalency” approximately equal to an OP9. 
  • The ATCL diploma gives an “OP equivalency” approximately equal to an OP6.  

What this means is that students can use this to get into university courses that they may not be able to with their school marks.

It also means they can get into great university courses without needing to get an OP – in fact – without actually finishing school (they do need Senior English but this can be completed anywhere)

Case study.

A Kidz-N-Co student is in year 12 and working towards his ATCL diploma.  He is not happy at school.  The university course he wishes to enter requires an OP 10.

He knows he already has an OP9 equivalency from completing year 8 TCL the year before.

He decides to stop school midyear and concentrate on his diploma and working to save money for University.

He studies English at an alternative centre to complete his Senior English .  He tops the state for his Trinity diploma and gets into his first choice university course.

The senior certificate is awarded at the end of year twelve to all students who have received 20 credits.

You do not actually need this for university entrance but may need it for job applications.   A year 11 or 12 school subject is worth 1 credit per semester so over two years a school subject is worth 4 points.  This means students need 5 school subjects – 4 semesters each to receive their senior certificate.

Many of the higher level exams we offer give the students these credit points so as long as they complete these exams during yr10, 11 or 12 they can use these instead of school subjects allowing them to limit their school subjects in year 11 & 12.  Most exams give students either 1 point or 2 points.

Case study. 

A Kidz-N-Co student completes these exams with us during year 10,11 & 12. (Please note the following are just examples)

Gr 7 TCL – 1 point

Gr 8 TCL – 2 points

ATCL – 2points

Gold Tap – 1 point

Gold Bar Tap – 1 point

Gold Star Tap – 1 point

Jazz 6 – 1 point

Jazz 7 – 1 point

Jazz 8 – 2 points.

This student has already got 12 points towards her senior certificate (plus of course her OP equivalency from the Trinity Exam). She will only  need to do two subjects at school to get her other 8 points to complete her senior certificate.

As long as one of those subjects is senior english she will be able to get into any uni course that needs an OP between 8 & 25.

Senior Attendance

If you wish to take senior exams 90% attendance at all exam classes is absolutely compulsory or exams will NOT be offered.

As these classes do give you an OP equivalency and points towards your senior certificate they MUST  be treated as part of your schooling rather than as a hobby.  You can miss no more than ONE class in each style  per term and must be prepared to practice at home each week.

There is so much in these exams (as you would expect as they replace school subjects). We have such limited time to do exam work so we cannot keep backtracking for students who miss class.

After all a tap exam gives you a whole point.  At school you would have to do a subject for a full semester to get that point – about 90 hours of contact time plus homework.  We get you for 3 terms of a 45min lesson – 22 contact hours to cover the same amount of content!

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