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Tap is a fun and exciting style of dance that uses metal plates on the bottom of the shoes to create beats and rythmn. Great for musicality and poise classes are a lot of fun for all ages. All classes begin with a warmup for the body and especially the ankles and knees which are the joints that work the hardest in a tap class. Class also includes travelling steps and routine construction. Available the year children turn 5.

Jazz and Hip Hop

These exciting and fast moving styles use modern music and are great for fitness and coordination. Also a very fun class to take with a friend or two! Jazz is based on classical ballet technique while hip hop is more of a street style. Classes include warmup and stretch, travelling steps as well as routine construction. Fun for all ages and levels.

Classical Ballet

The basis of all theatrical dance styles, classical ballet teaches wonderful poise and posture.  Ballet students develop great musicality, strong physiques and excellent coordination and balance. Ballet classes begin with warmups and stretches (in the higher grades these are taken at the barre) and progress through Centre Practise, Adage, Allegro and Dances. We are extremely fortunate to be selected to teach the beautiful Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. 


Great for strength and flexibility and a firm favourite with students. 

Acro Classes include:

  • warmup, stretch and strength exercises,
  • individual tricks such as handstands, rolls, cartwheels, walkovers and flips.
  • partner and group balances.
  • available from the year children turn 3 and once they can attend class independently.

Speech and Drama

Wonderful for confidence and self esteem, our classes aim to develop great communication skills and clear, correct speech. We feel Speech and Drama is the most essential skill we teach as it develops such wonderful confidence and ability to speak in front of an audience. These skills allow our students to excel in oral presentations at school so directly affects their school marks.

We follow the Trinity College London Syllabus and cover: poetry, acting, prose, literature, mime, improvisation and public speaking. Examinations are offered to students from the age of 13 years.

The higher levels give students an equivalency that can be used INSTEAD of school results for university entrance. We receive excellent results having topped the state and the country on a number of occasions in these examinations. Available from the year students turn 5.

Singing and Musical Theatre

Our Singing classes include a vocal warmup for safe practice. We focus mainly on Musical Theatre songs and putting together the dance, movement and drama skills students learn in other classes WITH their singing! We have professional microphones that ALL students have the chance to use in class. Available from the year children turn 5.


Offered only to experienced students from 7-12 years as part of the Performance Program. “Dance” class starts with a warmup and corner technique. Each week students focus on a different style. Styles covered include hip hop, old school straight line jazz, modern commercial jazz, slow modern, lyrical and contemporary.

Why not try out all the classes to see what suits?

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