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Studio location

Unit 3, 36-38 Curzon St
QLD 4104


We are in an industrial area and need to be considerate of our neighbours.

Please take care never to park in the covered parks – these are used by staff and the other businesses. You are most welcome to park in the uncovered parks in the complex and there is also street parking.

Enquiries about classes, performances etc…

Best contact is alway EMAIL

We are always happy to answer questions and assist but as we work such unusual hours EMAIL is always the best contact. It is checked and answer very regularly. It allows us to attach extra info and send it to you immediately.


The numbers below are the teachers personal mobiles. 

Use for emergencies or where a teacher needs to be informed during class time of a child’s illness or inattendance.

NONE of our staff are full time. We ALL have other jobs or study. This is why we ask please do not ring our private mobiles. – URGENT TEXT MESSAGES ONLY!  Of course we are happy to call you if needed. 

TEXT MESSAGE ONLY – 0408143424
Work days: Pantomimes/Private Drama classes
TEXT MESSAGE ONLY –  0408182223
Work days: Tuesday-Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, Private Dance classes
TEXT MESSAGE ONLY –  0418944343
Work classes: Little Stars Monday, Saturday, Thursday Performance Classes.
TEXT MESSAGE ONLY –  0400763334
Work Days: Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings


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