Can I come into class with my child?

After many years of experience we have found children learn a lot more and gain much more from class once they are independent and able to attend class on their own. Having an ‘audience’ in class is distracting and makes some children very self conscious inhibiting the learning of the entire class. We also have limited space and many of our rooms simply don’t offer enough room for us to invite parents into the room.

For absolute transparency we have installed security cameras in every teaching space. From the entrance of the studio you can watch all classes that are running without disrupting learning in any way.

We have ONE Special class that cater for parents in class. Mummy (or Daddy) and Me. We keep this class smaller to allow more space for parents when needed. ALL other classes require children to be independent and attend on their own.

But when can I see what they have learnt?

We offer a number of performances and events throughout the year so you can be involved in your child’s performing arts education.  You are always most welcome to watch classes from the screen downstairs. We also encourage you to email kidznco@hotmail.com with any questions or concerns you may have.

Do I need to stay while students are in class?

Absolutely not! Go and relax and have a coffee. We have limited parking and waiting space so we much prefer you drop and go. We have your mobile number and will contact you immediately if your child needs you.

How do I contact the studio?

  1. Parent Portal – 24 hour access. Enrol, book trials, check current account details, pay bills, access information notes, practise music, newsletters and scripts.
  2. Calendar – 24 hour access – complete calendar for the year with term and class dates as well as special events

Best contact is alway EMAIL


Do you offer holiday workshops?

Yes we do. Easter, Winter and Christmas.  More info HERE

Do we get anything if we bring a friend?

Absolutely yes! We love referrals. Bring a friend who enrols and get a FREE gift!

My child has lost something. Where is it?

Lost property is stored in boxes in the storage unit in the kitchen area just outside the door to the big studio downstairs. So walk through reception and you will see it on your left. It is arranged in sections shoes, clothes etc. Feel free to come in and search for items whenever you like. Please note we are not able to send out emails to groups of families to help you locate lost property. This would mean each family receiving literally dozens of emails each week. At the end of each term remaining lost property is disposed of.

What if I am late picking up?

Children are told to wait in reception area where they can see you though the glass as soon as you arrive. Please understand teachers do teach classes back to back so they are unable to wait with children if you are late.  PLEASE REITERATE TO YOUR CHILD THAT THEY MUST WAIT INSIDE UNTIL YOU ARRIVE!

For the final class of the day timely pickup is especially important as teachers often leave and go immediately to other commitments. Teachers will happily wait 5 mins after class then will call you. If they cannot reach you after 10 mins they will call your emergency contact. At the 15 minute mark teachers will need to leave and will take your child with them to their home or next class to ensure their safety. They will text to let you know where you may collect your child.

We want to change/cancel classes for next term? Do we need to do anything?

YES! Enrolment is for the whole year (4 terms) until December. If you do wish to make changes during the year you will need to let us know IN WRITING (EMAIL IS FINE) We require 4 WEEKS NOTICE to cancel or change enrolment. This is enforced and is a condition of enrolment for all students. You will also get a reminder on every invoice and statement.

If we only find out when your child does not turn up at class you will still be charged for the next 4 weeks even if you are not attending. While your child is enrolled we are holding a spot in class for them. The 4 weeks notice allows us time to offer that spot to another student.

Please note – Verbal notification is not sufficient. ‘Leaving a phone message’ or ‘telling the teacher’ are NOT reliable or acceptable. Notice must be IN WRITING. Every email is filed for our records.

Where can I park?

Any of the uncovered parks in the complex or street parking. The covered parks are reserved for staff. PLEASE never park in front of the roller doors or in the undercover parks reserved for the other businesses. Understandably they get very upset. In front of our roller door is used as a 2 min ‘kiss and go’ zone. Parking is especially limited during the week before 5pm so please try and be ready at home so you can drop and go.

Can we make up missed classes?

You are always most welcome to make up missed classes. Please email kidznco@hotmail.com and we can suggest a suitable class to attend.

My child is a beginner. What classes can they attend?

Beginners are welcome at all classes EXCEPT those where we suggest a minimum amount of training.

Performance Opportunities

All students are invited to be part of our end of year concert. It is usually held the first weekend in December. Those enrolled in programs such as Little Stars and Performance Programs will have many other opportunities as well.

Do you have discounts for siblings?

We have an amazing discount for families. Only the first TWO children in the family pay fees for regular classes. Third, 4th and even 5th siblings can attend regular scheduled classes absolutely FREE of charge. We also have amazing discounts for students enrolled in performance program packages. FEE SCHEDULE

Do classes run on public holidays and student free days?

Yes. Unless otherwise advised classes run on all student free days as well as public holidays. Just check the calendar anytime for confirmation. www.kidznco.com/calendar

Do you have insurance?

We are covered by full $20 million public liability. All teachers have suitable qualifications and a Blue Card.

Our local community group is doing a production. Should my child audition?

We will always encourage students to attend auditions for professional productions should they arise as working in these productions is an amazing experience as well as paying them a proper wage. As a general rule we discourage students from taking part in amateur productions. These are community shows where you will generally be asked to pay a membership to take part. The problem with amateur theatre is that it is often extremely time consuming. Children are expected to be there many, many hours (often including late nights) and we find they spend many of those hours sitting around doing very little. We cover a huge amount in classes each week so if students miss a number of classes for an amateur production they do end up a long way behind their cohort especially in technical skills.  Eisteddfods and exams are much better training ground for those hoping to work professionally or even just achieve highly in the performing arts. No one at a professional audition will be the least bit interested in your amateur experience. They will want the strong technical skills that can only be developed through consistent technique classes.

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